Spank Dora

The boys talk a LOT. While we don’t understand everything they are saying, we do make a best guess, repeat what we think they have said, and hopefully this will encourage any and all speaking attempts… Because dude, it is SO MUCH EASIER to parent a toddler when you know what in the hell they want! What this means is that we have many, many, many instances where we have no freaking idea what they are saying and end up repeating jibberish, obscene things, or something completely off target. It is fun though. And oddly, it seems to happen most often with Cole. I am not sure if Roark speaks more clearly or if he just doesn’t branch out as much.

Witness a few examples of our little banter / educational (us being educated – not so much the boys) speaking game:

Example the First:

Cole: “uks hooving”

Me: Realizing I have NO FREAKING IDEA what he has just said “huh?”

Cole: “UKS HOOVING” dumbass (the Dumbass understood and not actually spoken, but would have been if he knew the word better)

Me: “Ducks moving?”


Me: “Ducks, hoofing it?”

Cole: exploding into giggles "No, Mamma - Uks hoooooooving"

Me: “Ah, yes. Trucks. Moving”

Cole: “Yes”

Example the Second:

Cole: “Pank doruhhh”

Me to Todd: “Did you hear that? He said SPANK DORA”

Cole: “Pank doruhhhh”

Todd: “…”

Me: “Ummm, what was that Cole? Did you say SPANK DORA?”

Cole: “Spank Dora” followed by laughter (insinuating what a dumbass I really am)

Me: I look down at magazine on the table, which is opened to a page sporting a PINK DORA ball. “Pink Dora?”

Cole: “SPANK DORA!!!”

Me: Going to hell for thinking how awesome I am for having taught him to say "Spank Doray". What am I, six?