A Random Bunch of Nothing

Well let’s see. I have new pictures, but Cassie has my camera and the memory card – so I won’t be sharing those anytime soon. I even fixed the eyebrow issue and have photographic proof – but since I don’t have them uploaded, you will have to envision it yourselves. Sorry – didn’t mean to scar you with such images…

Roark has been sick. This meant that he slept in our bed last night. He didn’t so much sleep as he did flail around kicking and mumbling all night. How do kids survive on such HORRIBLE sleep habits? I t has left me feeling sluggish and sleepy and a little bitter. But, he seems a little better today – so maybe, just *maybe* tonight will be better.

Work…work is interesting. Which leads me to a dilemma. People I work with read some of my silly little thoughts here. That is my fault. Now I need to know how to fix this issue…because here is the deal: work takes a lot of my time and energy and sometimes, man – it just KICKS MY ASS. And I feel all guilty and funny talking about that when I know that people who work for me and with me read this. And I feel strange NOT talking about it, because…well, it is a large part of my day, my life, you know? What to do, what to do…

In other news, Cassie ordered her cap and gown and I now feel 3 gazillion years old. So I have that going for me, which is nice.

This weekend is shaping up to be full of nothing. How about yours?