I Look Cute Today

I pulled out the black tights – the cooler mornings seem to warrant leg coverage. Pared with a short black skirt, black tank / sweater and brownish overlay flared sleeve buckle sweater. Hard to picture, but take my word for it – it is nice. How full of myself am I anyway?

Since being sick I have lost weight (mostly in my hips and butt) and now my work stuff just doesn’t fit. I can rig some of the pants with belts, but overall, I am left with just skirts – because they can sit really low on the hips and still look in style. Pants which are belted to stay on don’t fit right and look ridiculous. I wonder if I can get away with the Capri tie sweats I sport at home? No? Damn it.

Based on my lack of appropriate work clothing, I went to Nordstrom the other day looking for pants. I have a budget – which we blew already…so this should go over well at home. But – I found two pair of pants, 3 pair of tights, and a belt for around $100.00. I have to take the belt back though, because it is…too big. The hell? I swear I tried the thing on there, but alas it is not a good fit now. So – belt goes back. I should take it all back but need it. Why is clothing expensive? Even the good sales make me mad because I would rather spend money on things like shoes or boots or lingerie or vacations. You know – the fun stuff.

Tonight is trick-or-treating! The boys are going to be skeletons this year – same as last year – because their costumes still fit, and they like them. So – less money spent there. Next year we will have to find something else. I would order right after Halloween and save money, however I am thinking they will have a real opinion next year and might not like what I select. What do you think? Do you buy ahead for stuff like that?