Honesty and Bad Parenting

It was a hectic morning full of trips to school and the doctor and work and the vet and back to work. I am in my office now thinking about the disaster that was my morning, and for some reason it isn’t making me nauseous. That is a first.

I was up and out the door by 5:40 to run. It was tough, and I blame the fire we had last night. Todd threw some mesquite in the fire pit and we nearly choked from the smoke…my lungs are not happy about it still today. I think that if they were not burning, I would have had a pretty easy run.

As I was driving to work after dropping Cassie off at school, I started thinking about how much I like her. Yes, she is my daughter – but I really like her. She is funny and honest and I just really enjoy her company. I am sure there are laws against being friends with your children. I think that the whole “parent / friend” thing makes parenting difficult. I wish Brittany and I were that close, but we just are not. I love them both equally, but Brittany and I seem to argue more and just don’t have as much in common. There. I said it, and the world didn't end. I get along better with one of my children. I may be a bad parent, but by god, I am honest.