Lay Like Broccoli

I am seldom doing nothing. I realized exactly how much I am CONSTANTLY doing while I was trying to work with the "not so much help" desk today. Something on my laptop wasn't working, so I called the dreaded people on the other end of the world to assist. The "analyst" took control of my laptop and began uninstalling and reinstalling programs trying to fix the issue. While they were in control of my PC, I was unable to do anything except watch.

Do you know how crazy this made me?

I could not keep my hands off of my mouse. I kept trying to do things while they were "fixing the problem" and of course kept getting yelled at. I felt like I should be doing SOMETHING - ANYTHING... anything other than the NOTHING I was doing.

When I thought about this - I came to the realization that I don't ever do nothing. I don't veg out. I don't really just relax - listen to music - do nothing. Not EVER. Is this normal?

Oh, and in case you are wondering... NO. They did not fix the problem. They never fix the problem. Why are they employed?