Miles, Crazy Ex-Husband, and the Potty

I seem to be fresh out of writing thoughts today. Work has consumed almost every moment since 8:30 this morning, and I am just now coming up for breath. What I had anticipated to be a slow day is turning out to be nothing of the sort.

I have some airline miles that are going to expire. I have to book a trip now so that I don’t lose them. Or…I could just lose them. It is not like I want to spend the money on a fancy trip this year. Even when the airfare is free there is still lodging, food, misc. stuff I never anticipate. I think I have just talked myself out of doing anything useful with those miles. Now, if I could use them to Christmas shop, that would help. According to this article, I don’t think I am the only one disenchanted with airline miles. They are all over, and almost useless.

Cassie has a job. She works a lot. Sadly, this means I will see less of her. I cannot imagine what this will do to her grades…but not my call. Her dad forced it on her. He also told her that he would match any money she saves in her bank account for the purchase of a car. This made me pretty angry. I don’t think he will give her the money…but it’s more than that. I just KNOW that he is doing it to continue having some manner of control over her. He just won’t let go so that she can be her own person. He HAS to feel in control all the time. Without that, he feels useless. I remember that about him, and it drove me crazy. When he does things like this I wonder what in the hell I was thinking when I married him. Seriously. What in the hell?

Roark and Cole are potty-training themselves (knock on wood). They have taken to running around without pants in the evening and using the potty whenever they have to go. It certainly seems like the less organized way to go about the whole potty training process, however they like it and it appears to be working.

Our biggest challenge so far has been trying to convince them that they don’t have to be completely naked to go to the bathroom. Last night we were able to talk them into keeping their socks and shirts on, but then this morning Cole was stripping down announcing “I have to pee-pee in potty”. So I don’t think they really get it. It is cute, so we have that going for us. Which is nice.