Random Post-Thanksgiving Nothingness

Did I mention that I signed up for a ½ marathon? I have not run once since I did that. It is not exactly the motivator I was searching for. I had better get moving though, because the run is in February. Going from 0 to 13 miles is going to take some training…and I no longer believe that if I ignore it, it will go away.

Thanksgiving was nice. Quiet. I like quiet.

I have to work today, and already at 7:30am I am dreading it. It just feels wrong to be working today. Although, most days it feels wrong to be working, so I guess this is nothing special. It is unfortunate that work is insanely busy right now, or I could squeeze in some time off. But no.

32 days left to get shopping done for Christmas. I have not done enough to even mention. Last year at this time, I was almost done. However because Amazon shipping can kiss my ass, I will have to do actual shopping. The horror. Making lists, going to stores, waiting in line. It is a giant time-suck that I really hate participating in.

The boys are watching Dora. Like I have to tell you that, even. Although, thank GOD they have a new interest - Shrek. We don't know when or why they began liking it, but it is a nice break from Dora. Although I imagine that after the 5 bajillionth time we have seen it, we will welcome Dora into our loving arms.

Dinner tonight - leftovers. Does anyone do anything different the day after Thanksgiving? Because pizza sounds REALLY GOOD.