I did go to the gym yesterday afternoon and I worked out. Yeah me. I also went running this morning and set a recent record, 53 minutes. I am in trouble as I have a ½ marathon to do in December and am not even close to ready for it. I should be up to an hour and a half at LEAST by now, or 2 hours if I were well prepared…oh, that is going to hurt.

I do have to say that the run today felt fantastic. I have not really run more than 1/2 hour in a while...blame sickness, laziness, whatever - but it just hasn't happened. Today it was in the 40s and foggy...which made the landscape interesting. It was cool enough to feel cold at first but warm up to a great temp after I got used to it. Nothing hurt, breathing was easy - it was just a good run overall...and this all on top of 3 hours of sleep last night!


About the 3 hours of sleep... lets just say that Cole is teething and is not much himself these days.