I am Lucky

So many things have happened lately in the world that make me reflect on my life, on my family and on my unbelievable luck. I have healthy kids, a wonderful husband, a steady job – I am (mostly) sane, I have reliable care for the boys during the day, the girls go to good schools, we have enough money to live comfortably.

I look at my boys and I know that I am a good parent. They are happy people. They smile, they laugh, they have a sense of humor. They are starting to talk and mimic me and I like what I see. They are not running around yelling “NO NO NO” all day. They tell you about rocks and outside and flowers. They talk about the doggie and kitty and their toys. They pretend to be talking to people on the phone and they always seem so completely…content. It is nice. Don’t get me wrong – they have their stubborn and obnoxious moments (hours), but overall they are happy wonderful kids.

I look at my girls and I know that I am a good parent. When they are with me they are happy. They laugh, they smile, they joke around. They enjoy being with the family and love talking to me – either in person, on the phone or via text messages. They like playing games and going camping with us – enjoy being around us most of the time. They are of course teenagers and have that wonderful attitude that generally accompanies that age, but overall we are happy together.

I look at my husband and I know how truly lucky I am. He is my rock when times are tough. He is my source of humor when the days are long and difficult. He really is my best friend – and he is hot too (lucky me).

I look at my life and I know I am lucky.