Freak Out

I have access to this site maintained by the school system that my kids are students in. I can log in at any time and see their past and current grades in any class, and can drill down to grades on each assignment. I must say that I am FREAKING GLAD THIS WASN’T AROUND WHEN I WAS IN SCHOOL. Now my kids have the potential to get chewed out on a daily basis vs. once every 6 weeks. I know that they regret me telling me about this and wish they had never mentioned it. I would have found out eventually, but they may have been granted a little more peace until then. I don’t want to embarrass them here and tell you current standings, but lets just say that we are in discussions at this very minute as to 1) what in the hell have you been doing for the past 2 weeks and 2) how do you fail your mother tongue?