My Boys:

I look at you sleeping at night and I am amazed that you even exist. Your perfect faces, your tiny fingers and toes, your beautiful eyelashes are all works of art. I see myself and your father in the things that you say and do. You have personalities already and although sometimes undesirable, I love your actions and reactions to things that go on in this wild house.

Before you were born, your father and I would spend time talking about having a child someday. We never discussed more than one – knowing pregnancy was not where I was a Viking. I would imagine a little boy or girl in our lives, laughing, teaching us, driving us crazy (ok, crazier) – but I never imagined the joy that the two of you have brought us. To have you both, healthy and happy is a miracle in every definition possible.

I cannot wait to see you grow up. Watch you discover your likes and dislikes, plan your future, embark on great adventures. I cannot wait to meet the adult men that are now my little boys.

I want you to know that no matter what decisions you make in your life, no matter what you say or do – I will always, always love you. I will do everything I can to give you a good life full of support and love and understanding. I want you to have the opportunity to fulfill your dreams.

I love you so much.