Random Stuff (A.K.A – I cannot think clearly and have no desire to write anything creative or even remotely interesting)

My town is supposed to be filled with a “wintry mix” tomorrow. Given that I live in Texas, I am not much of a believer.

I burned my ear with the flat iron a few days ago and now it randomly bleeds all over my hair. Sexy.

No X-Ray results yet on my daughter. They are slow and incompetent. I called the doctor’s office today asking about them, and they didn’t have the results YET. They called me back a few hours later and asked where we had them done. Ummm, the hospital. Where they SENT US. When I told them this, they seemed confused. Where exactly did they expect to go? I now fully expect them to tell us they are lost and would we please go get them done again…lather, rinse, repeat.

I have been so tired the past few days. I have felt amazing the past few weeks overall, and now suddenly feel myself slipping back to yucky, tired, and worn out feeling. What is up with that?

Christmas is upon us and I have done next to nothing in the way of Christmas shopping. I have ordered stuff for my boss, my husband’s boss, and his dad. That is it. I have not done anything beyond that – and I did that stuff yesterday. I have thought about ordering online, but cannot get motivated to do any of it. How doomed am I?

Tonight I am making grilled sausage with sautéed peppers and onions for dinner. I have no idea what else to make with it. Maybe I will serve it with Pop Tarts or Pez. Sounds perfectly nutritious to me.

I am supposed to run today, but have no desire to drag myself outside and actually do it. At the very least I should be going to the gym. You know, we are running in a ½ marathon in 2 weeks and I am just not ready. Luckily we did manage to get in a 10 mile run last weekend, so I am no longer worried that I won’t make the full 13 miles, but I have to admit that the long run about killed me. Who’s idea was this run anyway? Oh yeah…mine. Damnit!

I had sushi from our cafeteria for lunch today. I wish I had not done that. Now my office smells like dead fish and I am still hungry.

Work blows. It is hard. It is VERY thankless. My customer hates me. I have so much work to do, and no time. And yes, I know I have said all this before.

I need a drink. Like a two-bottles-of-wine drink, or a six-pack drink. Not just a silly little one-drink drink. Does that mean I have a problem? If I recognize that it is a problem, can I still continue to drink? If not, forget I mentioned that.

And finally cute picture of the day: