Delayed Driving

So I am out of town and it is everything I hoped it would be. Plane left late in a whirlwind (literally) – having some of the worst windy weather on record in Dallas. Many flights were cancelled and MANY MANY delayed. Mine was extremely late. Figures. I got into Baltimore and had missed my two meetings, at which point I spent over two hours traveling a distance that should have taken just over an hour. Bad traffic and a closed highway made that a fun drive. This is all typical for me when traveling. I have a co-worked that always gets hit with bad luck, but I do believe my experiences run a nice second to his.

Driving to the hotel last night, in my usual “in a hurry, god would you FREAKING HURRY UP” fashion, I realized that I am never calm, at peace or content when driving. I am always in such a mad hurry to get where I am going and am continually irritated with anyone else on the road that has the potential to be in my way. I am not sure why I am like that. The time in the car could be relaxing, an escape. But I don’t ever look at it that way. When this finally dawned on me I settled down, sat back and enjoyed the scenery. Then – it got dark and I slipped back in to “get me the hell off the road mode”. Perhaps there is no hope for me.