My Daughter, My Son

My daughter has a back ache. She has had it for a long time. It won’t go away and it is scaring me a little bit. We had x-rays taken, but we have not gotten the results. Apparently we don’t rank on the doctor’s list. This is a bit of a pain when you are a parent and you want to fix things, like NOW. Hopefully we will hear back today. She is on pain killers now, after having been on muscle relaxants (none of which are helping even a little bit).

My son has a bruised face. He got it yesterday. Do you want to know how this happened? My sweet, lovable black lab bit him. We don’t know why. He was being supervised. The dog has never shown aggression toward the boys. He was not being abused, hurt, neglected. He just decided to take a bite out of Roark’s face… We think his leg that had TPLO surgery last year is hurting him, and when Roark touched it Shiner freaked out. So – to the doggie doctor we must go. If he is not hurt or sick, we are going to involve a dog trainer. If he has no behavior issues, we are going to consider giving him away…which makes me very, very sad. And – if we give away Shiner, we will give away Zieggy too, and wait until the boys are older to have pets. I love my dogs and I wish that this had never happened.