Work is HARD!

I could use this heading on almost everything I write these days, no? I am trying to do two jobs and am not feeling very successful at either one. The hours are crazy, the support from many of the team members is non-existent, and it seems to matter to nobody but me. So why do I keep slogging through the crap, when all it does is make me (more) crazy? I cannot stand to be part of a failed exercise or do anything half-assed. I am insane like that. So, to quote Liar Liar, what I am going to do is piss and moan like an impotent jerk, and then bend over and take it up the tailpipe.

I also have a looming feeling that my planned vacation for the first week of January is going to never happen. I cannot see how all of the things at work will be able to just sit on a shelf for a week while I try to wind down and potty train some toddlers. I will be AMAZED if I get to take even one uninterrupted day… either way, I am not stepping foot in that damned building. If I have to work at all, it is happening from home in my pajama pants and slippers. I am hot like that.

Home-life is awesome though…so perhaps it balances out? The boys are endlessly cute and funny and mostly a joy to be around. I cannot resist Cole’s amazingly cute “Mommy, are you going to play with me?” even if I am in a hurry to get to work…so I have to play cars for just a little bit. And then there is Roark’s “I like you mommy” – which of course melts me into a giant gooey mom puddle. Neither of the dogs have attacked anyone lately, and the cats have not puked on anything important all week…so there is that.

It is the little things that keep us going here.