Have you ever been with a really bad kisser? How did you handle it? You go out on a date, get to the kiss, and want to slink away and die, right?

I worked at a mall in high school and for a year after, while waiting to go away to college. While working there, I met this HOT guy who worked at the tux shop and did some modeling for a few magazines. And when I say HOT, I mean Calvin Klein HOT. Dark hair, perfect eyebrows, darker skin, muscular chest, six pack stomach…he had it all as far as I could tell.

I flirted around with him for a while, and we finally went out on a date. We went to a party that a friend of his was throwing and we played “Bullshit”, drank some beer, and had a great time. And then? He kissed me. Actually a better description was that he tried to conduct a bronchoscopy with his tongue. HORRIBLE. He was slobbery and uncollected and just seemed so inexperienced. It was work to try to kiss this guy. Work I did not want to undertake.

We never went out again.