December 27th and 2008 Resolutions

This is how happy I look when I have to work over the holidays. Thrilling, no?

My resolution for 2007 was to “be in the moment”, meaning that no matter what was am doing – working, playing with the boys, spending time with the girls, talking to someone on the phone, talking with Todd – I wanted to be 100% focused on that activity.

How did I do? Oh, resolution, I laugh when I read you. Truly, I do. We will become quite familiar with each other, because you are my resolution this year also, seeing how I didn’t come CLOSE to “being in the moment” last year. I spent much of my time “being alive” and that was trying at times.

So to wrap up, I am glad I lived through 2007 – quite literally. 2008 is the year of “getting back to normal” and being healthy. I need some healthy over here.