Feeling Better

So I am at work today and feel ok. Not much to report. I talked to my cardiologist and will see him Tuesday. If I have any issues before then, I am supposed to go back to the hospital. Ummm, yeah.

I am fresh out of ideas for writing…as my mind keeps taking me back to how freaking scared I was Tuesday afternoon. When I was in the hospital this summer, I didn’t have the opportunity to think about what was happening to me – if that makes sense. It just happened and I “rolled” with it. Tuesday I had plenty of time to sit here and wonder if I was dying…and I have to say that I didn’t like having that sort of quality time with myself.

I am left wondering if I have lived the life I wanted, have I done the things I wanted, am I happy with my job? And dude, the answer is yes…and no. I need a different job, one where I feel like I am adding exponential value on a daily basis. I want to spend more time with my kids. I want more time with my family. Now I have to figure out how to accomplish that.