My God They Drive Me NUTS

We went to Target this afternoon in order to buy little boy socks, little boy jammies, a spotlight for the front yard, fabric softener, goldfish, and tea lights. I decided not to put the boys in a cart – because I am stupid and enjoy being tormented. They ran around and around and around. Todd and I watched and occasionally yelled that they should come along. At one point they were actually tackling each other in the middle of an isle squealing at the top of their lungs. Let me just publicly apologize now if you were within 100 yards of said Target and we ruined your afternoon, either buy running into you, screaming too loud, stealing your soccer ball out of your cart (I could not figure out where that thing came from, but suddenly they had one and we were nowhere near the toy isle), or anything else that could be construed as evil, mean, annoying or just plain irritating. It is what the boys do best and who am I to stifle their creativity?