Greeting Card - Operation Iraqi Freedom Standard Issue

As I stood in the kitchen sifting through the mail, I came across something from my brother. I don't talk about him much and I don't talk to him much. We are not what you would call close. I send a card at Christmas, and sometimes remember a birthday - but that is about it. He didn't get a call when I was in the hospital over the summer...he has no idea what happened. I say this all to point out how shocked I was to get mail from him. For what I assumed was no real reason.

My brother went into the Army right out of high school. He later joined the Reserves, and has been part of that ever since...his whole adult life really. Because of this, I should not be surprised to hear that he is in Iraq - but the news still shocked me a little. I don't know why he is there...don't know how long he has been there, or when he might go home. But I do know that he is out there and I hope he stays safe.