Trains and Dresses

We bought the boys a train table over the weekend. One of our neighbors has two older boys and they decided that the table had taken up residence in their house long enough, so they offered it to us. It was a HUGE bargain as well as a HUGE hit with the boys. They love it. It was the first thing they migrated to this morning and the last thing they played with last night. Of course, we cannot keep them from taking apart the tracks or fighting over the engine, but I doubt that can be helped too much. We have talked about gluing the tracks together, but that would make it much less fun as they get older and want to build it themselves. Right now they spend a lot of time emptying out the storage bins below the table (god, what a mess) and hitting each other with errant pieces of track. They seem happy though – so there is that.

Said by Roark on a walk the other day while pointing to the trees by the trail and slightly freaking out their father: “Spiyer (spider) in there”

Said by Roark at the park, after finding out the whole spider thing bugs his dad: “standing on spiyer”

At least he doesn’t just harass me.

We went shopping over the weekend for a dress for Cassie. Yes – you heard me right. My tom-boy daughter has branched out. We have a formal dinner coming up for Brittany’s 16th birthday and I informed Cassie that if she was going to attend, she was going to have to wear a dress. Apparently she really wants to go – because she didn’t refute the dress requirement. She ended up getting a VERY PRETTY dress from Jessica McClintock. She swears she will also wear it to graduation so I didn’t really mind spending the money on it. Brittany, on the other had, has a dress from last winter that she has worn ONCE – so I refused to buy her another one. She was quite bitter and made the whole outing a nightmare. I even threatened to take her home several times…but of course didn’t follow through. She didn’t feel it was fair that Cassie got a new dress but she didn’t. Life isn’t fair sweetie. Get used to it.