I started running again. I ran Saturday morning, and although not very far, it beat my first attempt a while back which topped out around 4 blocks. I think Saturday may have been a mile or a bit more. Sunday night Todd and I went and covered maybe 1 ½ miles. It was not difficult really. Well, at least not until I started wheezing at the end. This morning we ran at 5:30am, and ran for 30 minutes. I am thinking it was 3 ½ miles maybe. But I didn’t start the wheezing until the end, so did much better today. My noticeable week spot is definitely my lungs. They just don’t have the capacity to handle the kind of running that my legs could. I am sure my heart is screaming too, but it is not as loud and obnoxious as the lungs, so I don’t notice. I did order a heart rate monitor. Hopefully that will be here in a few days. No, I am not using one now. I am just running and hoping that I live. Shut up. It works in my head.

I go back to work on Wednesday. As in tomorrow. It seems strange to even imagine how much fun that will be. In a sick way, I miss it. Although, I wouldn’t mind if I was not going back. Ever. I like the money and most of the people though, so I think that I will have to wait until I reach retirement age before choosing the “stay at home” option.

Said by my doctor’s partner’s kid over the weekend (retold to me in a story yesterday): Excuse me. Ummm, excuse me. HEY! EXCUSE ME! You are stepping on my words!!