My Stay at Home Blues

I am in my room trying to work. I am on one long seemingly never-ending conference call. I hear Cole screaming, sounding sad for some reason. Perhaps he ran out of raisins or he is tired or just mad because he isn’t allowed to do the running man on the table. Roark cannot be heard which means he is most likely entertained by his brothers unhappiness. I feel so bad for them when I can hear them crying. But I know going to check on them only makes it worse when I have to leave again. This – is why I hate working from home. I don’t do it too often and I am forever remembering why when I decide to stay here for a day or an afternoon. I cannot take the crying and the sadness when they don’t get their way. It is 2:00pm. Maybe they are tired. I wish someone would put them to bed already so they would stop the crying. I cannot un-mute my phone to talk when there is a 2 year old hollering at the top of his tiny (but very capable) lungs. I have no idea how my husband does this every freaking day…what a nightmare.