My Roger Clyne Crush

Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers is coming out with a new album. I am VERY excited. http://www.azpeacemakers.com/ecard/ has details if you are interested, and seriously – how could you NOT be interested? His songs are great, his band is great, and he is oh so easy on the eyes.

The weekend is upon us. Plans anyone? We are hanging out around the house tonight and plan to nudge each other every few minutes and say “hey, it’s snowing” which if you live in Dallas doesn’t happen very often. Everything is blanketed with soft snow right now and it is starting up again…very pretty, very peaceful, but a bitch to drive in. Tomorrow we have errands to run (although I could not tell you what they are) and then we are working out at the Y. And tomorrow night we are supposed to go out on a date…we will see if we actually make it this weekend. I am not counting on it. Sunday we have to run, although if we don’t…we don’t. We have a ½ marathon next weekend which I could not be less ready for. That will be an exercise in embarrassment and humiliation for sure. Can’t wait. Other than that we have a bunch of Netflix sitting around which we will certainly watch. Big plans…boy, howdy!