My Horrible Diet

Day “I can’t count that high” of phase one of the South Beach Diet brings boredom with food. I actually think this is day 8 or 9 or even 10. Either way, I am sick of food I can eat. I obsess over the foods I cannot have. It is hard having little kids who eat cookies and crackers and grapes and cereal around because I cannot sneak bites of their food and pretend I didn’t eat it. It doesn’t work that way with this diet. Stupid diet.

I am really sick of eggs. I don’t even eat breakfast every day (because I hate the eggs) yet I am sick of eggs already. That is a shame since I have 10 more days on this phase – the phase where you can pretty much only eat eggs for breakfast. I would kill for a bowl of oatmeal. Seriously. I am mad like that. Weight at start of insanely boring diet: 138. Weight now: 130. So – the boredom is working. The fat is so fed up with the boring-ness that it up and walked away.

And, lets talk about the weight thing for a minute. We have a broken scale. One I am about to replace because it makes me so angry. Angrier than even eggs every day. This scale that we own tells us that we weigh 4 pounds less than we actually do. So the scale today said I weigh 126…but I don’t really. I then have to mentally ADD 4 pounds to the damn weight that I am already unhappy with. This is a bad, bad thing. I liked the 126. It meant I was about 11 pounds from my goal. But that is not true. I am actually 15 pounds away and that is a huge difference when you are trying to lose weight. So there is this eternal hate for the scale.

UPDATE: I went out and got a new scale, and now that the shock of that additional 4 pounds in freaking print is over with, I feel much more relaxed about this stupid-ass diet.