My Exercise Plans

So how is your exercise and weight loss plan coming along, you ask? Well, it is a bit slow moving but we are making progress. I am down to 125 on the real scale (which would have been 121 on the old broken one) and my clothes fit better. My size 8 jeans are all big, size 6 fits fine. I want those to be big, then I will be thrilled. Some of my old suites are starting to fit me – the 6’s and a few of the over-sized 4’s. So that makes me happy.

I have started running in the mornings – today marks day one of the 5am run with my husband. It wasn’t hard to go, but I took a nap when I got home – after running around 3.5 – 4 miles. And, today marks day two of working out at the gym at lunch. Yesterday I did a flex class, which is a weight class of sorts. Today I did Pilates. Tomorrow is flex again and then Thursday I have a lunch date with Todd. Friday is undecided but will most likely consist of flex or cardio express (high impact step I think). I hate the step classes because of my severe lack of coordination, but they are good for me, so I do them every now and then. Then I remember why I hate them and ban them from my schedule.