My Uneventful Days

So I actually made it to the gym yesterday, which shocks even me. I didn’t cheat on the diet, and went to bed miserable – as is the normal process during phase 1. Dinner last night was Grilled London Broil, Broiled Italian Vegetables (zucchini, squash, onion, asparagus with parmesan and Italian dressing), and Balsamic Tomatoes. Everything was great, except the meat was a bit tough. I did tenderize it and marinate it overnight, however it just didn’t soften up. Today the leftovers are in the crock pot with a bottle of beer and some chipotle salsa…hopefully that will break it up and make it easier to eat. I am hoping to cook it down until it self-shreds. I love the leftover meat that way.

Lunch consisted of a cheese stick, some nuts, and ½ can of lentil soup. Whoo-howdy…that is exciting stuff, no? Dinner tonight: we are going to Café Express. It is one of the few restaurants we can eat phase 1 at. They have several chicken dishes and plenty of vegetable options, while offering crap food for the kids if they prefer. It is our restaurant of choice when on phase 1…and I am glad they exist.

I am supposed to run today, but am feeling oh so sleepy and lazy – so we will see how that pans out. We have a ½ marathon coming up Feb. 10th, and I have not really done any running since our last one in December…so that will be fun for me. I have to do 1 hour this weekend, 1 ½ next, and 2 the following one. Then we will take 1 weekend off and then have the race. I am pushing to finish in under 2:15 – but given the serious lack of training, 2:anything would be good. Why do I keep signing us up for these things????