My Workouts, My Dinner

I made a deal with myself, which are my least favorite deals of all. This is because if I don’t follow through, well – I know it. I hate letting myself down. So, I have decided to run 4 weekday mornings at 5am (not sure which 4, but know that I won’t do all 5) and then work out 4 afternoons doing classes at the Y. That will give me 8 hours a week of working out. And if you add in the weekend stuff – work out on Saturday and long run on Sunday – I will be in much better shape in no time.

Of course, I didn’t make it out of bed this morning to run…which just figures. But I have had some stomach issues since finishing the drugs from hell and as a result didn’t go to sleep last night at all. I fell asleep this morning around 5:45 and slept until 7:20 and then had to move it to get to work on time. I did however make it to Flex class at noon, so there was an hour of pain there. Tonight I am doing NOTHING, but tomorrow at 5am I plan to run. That should be cold, miserable, and a load of fun.

Dinner tonight is going to be really freaking easy…which makes me smile a bit. Last night I threw a rump roast, jar of gardenia vegetables, some pepperocinis, beef broth, and Italian dressing in the crock pot. It will have simmered for 20 hours by dinnertime when we will have “Italian Beef in a Bucket”. Please, let it be good. I am hungry enough to eat it even if it is average, however after last night’s Too Hot to Even Think About Eating” Smoked Turkey Chili, I would love a dinner I can actually consume. Although, we did make up for it by eating popcorn later…but still.