My Date Night

Feeling a bit better, but not 100%. Worked from home today as I did yesterday and took it pretty easy. I did accomplish a lot but avoided the bullshit meetings that normally suck the life out of me. My stomach appears to be on strike, so although I am able to eat, it is angry afterward. It is an odd feeling to be hungry and have an upset stomach at the same time.

The girls are at their dad’s this weekend. I miss them. I didn’t really spend much time with them Wednesday and now I have until next week until they are here again. The only bonus to this is that their rooms won’t get any messier this weekend. In fact, I am so sick of the visible junk in Brittany’s room, that I might just clean it. Maybe.

Todd and I are going out on a date Saturday. No idea what we are going to do, but I can say that it will 1) involve no drinking on my part and 2) most likely not last very late. I cannot drink alcohol and staying up past midnight makes me yawn just thinking about it right now. We talked about a Japanese steakhouse (YUM) or a movie however we have not decided on anything yet. If I were drinking, and we didn’t have to drive home, or get up the next day and take care of little boys (AKA the good ole days) we would begin the night at the Gingerman with a few beers on the patio. We would then head over to Avanti for dinner where we would most certainly have a bottle of wine. And then on the way home we might stop by Mi Cocina for a Mambo Taxi (crazy strong margarita) and well, if we didn’t get arrested for drinking and driving we would make it home and pass out. A good night would be had by all. However given that we are no longer complete idiots and have obligations…we will go out to dinner and maybe – if we are living on the wild side – head to the Angelica Theatre for a movie. Which actually sounds great to me.