Roark and Cole crawl. A lot. And our days consist of chasing them down, picking them up, and depositing them somewhere semi-safe. This as opposed to the fireplace, on the kitchen tile with a ceramic bowl of dog water, at the bottom of the stairs, or against the DVD rack which we have yet to get rid of. And when we are not rounding them up, we are standing beside, behind or in front of them with our arms dangling, ready to catch them when they fall. And they DO fall. A lot. They are also cruising now – which amounts to swaying dangerously from side to side as they scoot along furniture – all for the purpose of giving me a damn heart attack. I think they like that aspect of it best.

I bet you are wondering how the whole going-to-bed thing is going… Ha. Ha, Ha. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Because, they suck at going to bed. SUCK, I tell you. It tends to go a little like this: We put them down for a nap, or to bed for the night (like hell) and they proceed to stand up in bed, throw their heads back and wail like they have beaten. And, they scream and cry and jump until we try to lay them down. It is at this time that they kick their legs and pound their tiny fists into the mattress yelling at us, which is of course followed by them standing up, throwing their heads back, and screaming. Do you see a pattern here? This can go on for a good hour. Sometimes they will go to sleep – more often we will end up picking one up, bringing him into our bed, and letting him fall asleep with us. Because – we are wimps. We are not capable of sleep training someone in a coma for god’s sake. How did we end up as parents??? We are such damn marshmallows that the sound of crying breaks our hearts and we cave. The only ones crying it out here are the adults – because the kids won’t sleep!

My husband is going to be out of town all week – so this one will be particularly hellish for me. Up at 5:30, shower and dry hair. Get boys up at 6 and feed them. Finish getting ready at 7 and leave for work by 7:30. Try to run at lunch. Home by 5:45 to get dinner ready for the boys. Feed them by 6. Cook dinner. Eat while chasing them down. Give them a bath and play until 8. Give them a bottle, and start bedtime routine (above). Finally get to sleep by 11 and start all over the next day. Oh joy. I really cannot wait for tomorrow to get here.