Eating and Sleeping - not where they are vikings.

So how are we doing in the Land of Twins?

Our mornings are still crazy. Our nights are still crazy. And our weekends wear us out. But I say with all sincerity that things are more fun. The boys are funny and silly. They are standing and trying to walk holding on to things. They are playing and interacting with each other more every day. They laugh a lot. Most things are better…a few however are not improving – such as sleep and eating.

We decided a few weeks ago that they needed a real schedule. We had been putting them to bed when tired, feeding them when hungry…and they both kind of did their own thing. And it was wearing me down. So we started waking them up at 6am and feeding them breakfast. Followed by play time and then a snack around 9. Then came nap #1. This was followed by play time and lunch at noon. Then more playtime (or a walk) and then a snack around 2 or 3 followed by nap #2. For the most part that scheduled has worked pretty well. Except now I think they are sleeping too much because we can’t get the monsters to bed at a decent time anymore. Last night at 9:00 we were both trying to get them to settle down and sleep…and they put up the worst fight. So now I wonder when we should try to cut out nap number 2. And also, how do make a sleepy kid stay awake – because Cole fell asleep during freaking breakfast this morning. When did you go to one nap a day, and how on earth did you do it? Did a schedule work for you at all?

And now on to food… They eat most things we eat now. Sort of. They actually try most things we eat and then yell at us and do a horrible job of eating. We give them the toddler meals and they do OK, but not great. They will eat grilled cheese or Canadian bacon many days, but that is touch-and-go too. They are just not the best eaters. You never know when they will eat and when they will simply scream through a meal. Why is this not an exact science people? One day for breakfast they will eat eggs. The very next day I make them eggs and they act like I have poisoned them. I don’t understand. Breakfast is the worst of the meals, and the one with the least variety. We have tried oatmeal, cream of wheat, pancakes, waffles, eggs, toast and fruit. They always like the cheerios but they hardly make a meal of them. Cream of wheat was a disaster (although I liked it). Oatmeal is ok for a few bites and then they start spitting it all over the place. Toast is a favorite, but all carbs seems like a bad idea. I have put peanut butter on it hoping to add some nutritional value – but I doubt that keeps them full very long. I dread meals. I seriously do. Any ideas for the picky toddler????

So to recap: Babies are good. Most of the time they are fun. But they suck at sleeping and eating.