I need an extra day off

I am embarking on another round of no carbs. 5 weeks until Mexico and my body is nowhere NEAR the shape I want it in. I blame me. And that crap food we have in the house. And the alcohol. And holidays. And my lack of self control. Although I would love to blame someone else. Any takers?

Oh, the alcohol… Let’s talk about the drinking… Friday evening we went out to dinner and ended up having a bottle of wine. After we got home we opened another one – because we are idiots and thought we were somehow impervious to the effects of the wine. And by the way – we were not. We followed up bottle #2 with a beer each, because we are super stupid. We of course awoke with the worst fucking headache EVER and had to endure all day with complainy babies. I snuck off to bed every chance I got, and went to bed for the night at 8:30 and it barely came soon enough. I started watching the clock at noon counting down to bedtime. I am a bad mom. I still don’t know how I survived the pain. I think I may have even uttered the famous (but always a lie) “I will never drink again” however there are no witnesses, so there.

Today we went to dinner with family and of course I ate things I shouldn’t have, and way too much of them at that. So now I am sitting here feeling like I weigh 435 pounds. Maybe even 450 – hard to tell at the moment. Stupid carrot cake. And macaroni. And rolls. And jello-stuff. And lemon pie. And chocolate. And I have no idea why I feel so fat. Ha.
Tomorrow I have to go to work, and yet with all of Saturday spent recovering from Project Drunken Friday Night, I feel cheated. I feel like I was