High School

I have not kept in touch with one single person that I knew growing up. Not one. I wasn't that close to many people at my high school to begin with, as I could not have been more geeky or shy. I guess having Jahdah live with us my Junior year helped a bit with the shy part, but overall, I just didn't get out all that much. I am not one of those people who thought of high school as the best time of my life - which always makes me wonder why I ever think about it at all...

There are a few fond memories from school though - things people always hang on to - like a first kiss, or a first real date, learning to drive, skipping school, going to the beach, first broken heart, trying to figure out what to be when we grow up, making friends, building relationships, eating too much junk, dreaming about tomorrow... I guess high school is where most of this starts - and for that reason, for those memories, high school was good to me.