So Tired

5:00am – Rudely awoken by Roark who needs someone to find his paci. Find said evil rubber sucking thing, lay him back down in his bed and decide to take a shower.

6:00am – En route to take dogs out and feed them, hear Cole screeching in his bed and go get him. Feed dogs and change Cole’s diaper. Put him in his high chair and give him cheerios.

6:25am – Wake Mr. 5am up and change him. Put him in his high chair and give him cheerios as well.

6:45am – Wake up girls and try to coax them out of bed. Then make eggs and toast for the boys and begin singing stupid songs in an effort to get them to eat.

7:15am – Hand babies off Grammy and finish getting ready.

7:30am – Round up the girls and head out for school/work. Stop by Einstein’s for a bagel for the girls, and Starbucks for a cinnamon chi tea latte for Cassie. Then fill up car with gas ($81.00 for 27 gallons – dear god, help me).

8:00am – Call into conference call while dropping girls off at school.

8:30am – Arrive at work, continue string of meetings which will last until 3:00.

3:00pm – Run out to Babies R Us for world’s most expensive baby gates in order to keep boys corralled and semi-safe.

3:35pm – Continue with meetings until I can take no more.

5:05pm – Bolt from work and sit in traffic for 20 minutes.

5:30pm – Get home, carry screaming babies upstairs (all 40 freaking pounds of them) and change clothes. Balance cooking dinner and chasing boys – end up with both crying and whining for food.

6:00pm – Sit down to dinner only to have both babies demand my meal instead of the one prepared for them. Give them what they want – because who am I to deprive babies of BBQ chicken and black beans and rice. Spicy food be damned – they wanted it!

6:40pm – Somehow manage to clean up kitchen and put away food items. Lock self and boys in bathroom in order to bathe them. What a joke this turned out to be. Toddlers like to play with toilet paper (don’t “no duh” me) – a lot! Say NO more times than I would have thought possible in 15 minutes and finally manage to get both kids clean and dressed for bed.

7:00pm – Try to watch American Idol, and end up chasing babies around the living room instead.

8:00pm – Try to watch House, and end up chasing babies around the living room instead. Roark finally fell asleep while playing at 8:45. Cole passed out at 9. It is now 9:45 and I am just starting to finish working so I can get to sleep by 11 and start all over again tomorrow. My husband is NEVER allowed to go out of town again. This is hard people!!!!!