A real instant messanger meeting from earlier today:

I said at 5:12PM:
Is there an invoice meeting tomorrow?

Coworker said at 5:13PM:
Yes - at 3pm. Do you want me to add you?

I said at 5:13PM:
Yes please

Coworker said at 5:13PM:
Sure about that?

I said at 5:17PM:
That I want to go? I think I should.

Coworker said at 5:17PM:
Just making sure. They are tame so far except for the FTEs.

I said at 5:18PM:
Oh, I don't intend to say anything mind you.

Coworker said at 5:18PM:
If you attend, you must speak

I said at 5:19PM:
You cant make me. If I have to speak, I get to pick what I say - and I will sing "I am Henry the Eighth I am" for the whole hour...you really don't want to hear me sing - and you DON'T want me singing that!!!