Fat and Crazy

Work is insane.

Mondays are the worst.

This Monday is the craziest of all.

The second I walked into the office this morning there were 500 bazillion escalations to deal with. Anything that could have gone wrong over a weekend, had managed to do so, and I was immediately pulled into 30 different meetings to sort things out. Add to this fun the fact that we are trying to get our groups financials ready for month close, and you have one insane me! I am not financially literate, so monthly financials are painful for me. I really hate this time of the month. A lot.

I didn’t run today. I wanted to, but had freaking meetings all day long and have to leave at 3 to get my girls, so no running for me – unless I go tonight after I feed the boys, which although possible, doesn’t sound very fun. I should go though. I tried on my bathing suit yesterday and HOLY COW – I looked like a – cow. Hate such little clothing. And Mexico is right around the corner. I wish I was as small as I was 2 summers ago (and can you believe I still thought I was fat?) If I could get ahold of the me back then, I would kick myself in the shins for being so stupid. I was in fantastic shape. All of my clothes fit. Now, not so much... sigh.