Text Messaging Killed the Parents

Number of text messages on daughter’s last month cellular account: 4,927
Amount for above said messages: $ 405.10
Look of anger on parents’ faces: priceless

Here is the proof, and my god it is painful:

Summary ofWireless Data Msg/KB/MinIncludedIn Plan Msg/KB/Min Used BilledMsg/KB/Min BilledRate TotalCharge

Text Messaging Incoming 1,966 1,831 0.10 183.10
Text Messaging Out 2,335 2,220 0.10 222.00

Subtotal $405.10

Our daughter managed to text 4,927 times last month. How you ask? We have NO IDEA! We called Cingular to see if they have an unlimited texting package – and they do not. However they were truly baffled by the amount of texting she uses. They have never heard of such a thing. It reminds me of that commercial where the kid is talking and talking and talking and talking – for like, forever. That is my daughter with texting. She has a talent brewing – albeit one that may get her killed by her parents – but a talent nonetheless. She was actually able to fire off at least 3 messages within a minute! See? Talent.