My husband and I have decided to start marathon training again. This time, instead of a full marathon, we plan to run a 1\2 marathon. We want to be able to train and race with the boys and the full marathon would just be too long for them - as would many of our long runs.

We have not chosen a race yet, but are planning on something in March. Maybe the one in Dallas - if we have not moved to Austin yet. We will decide as the date gets closer. For now, we just have to start running our training schedule. This excites me for many reasons. I will lose more weight faster than when I run sporadically, I will fell better - have more energy - and will be able to spend more time with my husband. All good things.

Our schedule has us off on Mondays, cross training on Tuesday and Thursday and doing long runs on Sunday, with light runs the other days. Soooo much easier than the merathon schedule we ran 2 years ago. And - our longest run will only be 14 miles!

I wonder how excited I will be about this schedule when we are in the heat of the training a few months down the road?