Feed Babies

Typical weekend…up to feed the boys around 5:30 and then I sneak back to bed while my husband hangs out with them. Up again to feed them around 8:30 and my day begins. I love Saturdays. I get to sleep. Thank GOD my husband is a morning person or we would both grump around in a funk until 9. What do you call it when you like to sleep in AND go to bed early? Lazy, you say? Shut up.

My youngest daughter spent yesterday late afternoon with a friend buying a Halloween costume for some party she is going to tonight. Ummmm, if you saw it, you would wonder what she is up to. She came home with a Nurse uniform. Ok so far, right? Let’s ignore the fact that she spent $50.00 on it (if you even can – I am having trouble with that part too). It is a short white dress (goes almost to her knees because she is a bit vertically challenged) and she has paired it with thigh-high white stockings that have little red cross signs on them. It is supposed to be a slutty nurse outfit, but luckily it is a bit longer on her than it would be on say – me. Either way, it was not the scary vampire-type uniform I was expecting. She may be taking it back today and getting something else. Can’t decide how important I think this is…trying to pick my battles.

Both of the girls now have their braces off. They have had them on for about a year – maybe two. They look so grown up without the braces – kind of makes me a bit sad. I hate to see signs of growing up and yet those same signs make me feel good. I am a bit odd that way.

Plans for the weekend:

  • Run - we have to run 30 minutes today and 4 miles tomorrow.
  • Watch Texas / Texas Tech game (Go Horns)
  • Feed babies
  • Take oldest daughter Halloween shopping with her friend
  • Buy youngest daughter present to take to party and most likely shoes to go with slutty nurses outfit
  • Feed babies
  • Take pictures of youngest daughter and embarrass her as much as possible in her costume
  • Feed babies
  • Eat dinner out tonight – not sure where, but that is what is on the menu…would LOVE pizza but that is so not on the diet. Stupid diet.
  • Take girls to guitar lessons tomorrow after picking up very tired daughter from friends house
  • Laundry, laundry, laundry
  • Oh – and lets not forget that I will need to feed babies