Long hard day. Not a lot of work, but had to fly out of town for a two hour ass-kicking of a meeting and then fly home in time to 1) miss dinner and 2) feed babies and say goodnight to them, leaving no time to play with them. Hate these kind of days. I am now staring HOURS of work in the face wondering when I will get it done. Guess I will be up late. Should be working now instead of doing this – but this is so much more therapeutic.

I got a phone call from my youngest daughter today (who turned 14 yesterday!!!!). She was crying and upset because she doesn’t want to be over at her dad’s and wants to be here. Her story changes with the days of the week. The only thing we can count on with her is her changing her mind. Her dad blew up at her tonight and sent her into crying hysterics…and she hadn’t even told him about her bad grades yet. That won’t calm him down any. I really had no words of encouragement for her. I simply told her that she had to tell him about her grades. Period. And she did. And he got mad. Go figure.

My other daughter is learning to drive. Tonight was her first driving time with her driving class. We have been practicing at home for months, so it was not a big deal for her… I cannot believe she is freaking driving! Wow. Oh yeah, and if you live in Texas – let that be a warning.