Day three of South Beach Diet – phase 1. Starting weight = 132 pounds. Goal = 112. 20 pounds to lose…and it feels far away, and yet close at the same time. I am not a fan of diets, but I need to get back to my pre-pregnancy size so that my clothes will fit. I keep trying not to buy new work clothes – they are expensive!

This morning found me at 127 ½ pounds…so that is progress if only a small amount. We started our marathon training October 1st, so that is helping too. Yesterday we were off, today we have to run 30 minutes. Should be easy, but with my ever-present ear infection it has really been difficult to run at all. Plus, my husband feels crummy today so I imagine it will be a motivation disaster when I get home…yippee.

Boys didn’t sleep well last night, which of course means that I didn’t sleep well either. I don’t know why they think it is fun to wake up at midnight and grump around till 3 when I break down and feed them. Then they grumped some more until I got them up at 6ish. Around 5 I turned off the monitor and figured they would survive for an hour while I got some much needed rest. When I got up they were crying and starving to death… I didn’t feel too sorry for them, although they were cute and quickly forgiven.

I am actually in the office today – big adjustment after working from home for so long. I really don’t have too much going on, but thought getting out of the house would help me do real work. Will let you know how that works out…but not counting on much.