Damn! We are Lazy.

I had a CT Scan this morning on my head. Lets hope they find a brain in there…and also that it is functioning. They were looking at my temporal lobe and sinuses. Ummm, yeah. So that sounds fun, no? Back to the doctor next Wednesday to see if there is damage to the mastoid bone or sinuses and see what in the hell he is going to do to make this freaking ear infection GO THE FUCK AWAY.

Babies are cute. It helps that my husband and I had a date last night and didn’t have to put them to bed. We left at 7:30 for a movie and were back home at 10:30, and they were sleeping well. Thank God! Movie was The History of Violence. It totally rocked. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it. I thought it was violent, sexual, and funny – all things I look for in a film. I highly recommend it. And, if you go and hate it, then you have no sense of humor.

Work is average. Projects are hot and heavy and taking most of my time, keeping goofing off to a bare minimum. I didn’t get to read much of anything online yesterday and see no break in work over the next few weeks. Work makes it hard to lazy.

Girls are doing OK. School is back in full swing after fall break – tests, homework, attitude. They are with their dad this weekend, which is too bad – but that will mean we have a quiet weekend planned. We did have some fantastic tickets to the Dallas Cowboys game, however we gave them to a friend. After discussing how far it was to drive, what a pain traffic would be, and the fact that it would be ALL FREAKING DAY away from the boys, we bowed out and decided not to go. A shame really – they were front row, 50 yard line tickets..with a parking pass. Damn we are lazy.