There are times in a meeting, or in the heat of a conversation at home where I have a half-formed idea in my head and I make the mistake of speaking about it prior to it being a well thought out idea. I regret this EVERY TIME. I always end these “announcements” with something along the lines of “Did that make sense to you?” or “Do you see where I am coming from?” or even “So, ummmm, yeah.” I come off like a complete ass-hat and wish I had just kept my big mouth shut.

I had an ass-hat moment the other day in a meeting. With a customer. And dear god, why don’t people just tell me to shut the hell up? I seriously wish people would kick me under the table. I committed to shit nobody should. I was all “oh absolutely – that is a wonderful idea, and while we are at it – why don’t we tear down the city of Austin and simply rebuild it. Overnight” (or something equally as stupid). And as I looked around the room I totally wanted a take-back. Luckily, the folks in the room were not all that bright and gave me a quick dear-in-the-headlights look, nodded, and started talking about something else.