Growing Up

The boys visited with the doctor last week for their 4 month check up and shots. Roark is now 11 pounds 5 ounces and Cole is 12 pounds 4 ounces. I thought they were bigger than that – however they are actually on the charts for 4 months old…which is surprising. They are both in the 5-10% for a typical 4 month old. We are all very pleased with this since they were 11 weeks early!

The few days following shots were a bit rocky, but not horrible. Cole has become increasingly fussy these days…although we don’t blame shots from last week any more. We think some of his brother has simply rubbed off on him. He has started sticking out his lower lip and doing this cute whimpering little cry that makes my heart melt. Amazing how sad he can look. Then he starts the heartbroken crying and I can’t ignore him for even a second – it is just so sad. He gets picked up EVERY TIME.

They are both smiling all of the time and love to laugh. They have only each rolled over once, never showing any interest in it since. They like to sit up and love it when we talk to them. They love lights – staring at them for what seems like an eternity. They love their music mobiles and like to watch the animals turn around and around. And, they put themselves to sleep…which is nice.

Speaking of sleep – we put them to bed on their stomach. With blankets. And a crib bumper. With a cloth diaper under their heads and pacifiers in their mouths. Take that SIDS! I am sure that child protection will simply haul us away at first sight of this – but this is what works for us. The boys sleep so much better on their stomachs – have been sleeping this way since they were born – even did so in the hospital. We tried having them sleep on their back, but they hated it. Pure hate, I tell you. The crib bumper is needed to keep them from flinging their limbs out of the crib – they are very crawly at night. The blankets are of course for warmth. And the diapers soak up all the spit up that Cole likes to throw their way. The paci’s are for sanity. Roark would NEVER go to sleep without his – Cole would just suck his thumb.

We decided that a paci was better than a thumb because when we think they should stop using them, we can take them away. I think that cutting off their thumbs would be frowned upon in most parts of the country, so we are going to steer away from that.

They are changing every day and definitely getting to be more interactive and more fun. I am so glad that the newborn stage is phasing out and we are on to more exciting times… those first few months were freaking hard!