Bath time has become a daily ritual for the boys are our house. It doesn’t take too long because my husband and I both participate – each of us responsible for a baby from dirty to clean. If you think it would be a nice, relaxing, fun time for the boys…you would be WRONG!

Sure – everything starts out ok. We get them undressed, wrap them in a towel, and put them in the already warm bath. We then wash them and get them squeaky clean. It is at this point – where they come out of the bath – that things start to rapidly decline.

Once Roark is taken out of the bath, he goes crazy. He balls up his little fists until his knuckles turn white. Then he pulls his little legs up to his body, and he lets out the most ear-piercing, glass-shattering scream. And he continues to scream while I “rub the lotion on its skin”, put on his diaper, put on his pajamas and hat, and wrap him up in a big ol’ blankie. He cries so hard that he begins the funny breathing – you know, the kind where the crying is so hard that breathing is difficult?

Cole gets upset after he is removed from the wonderfully warm water – but somehow his piddly little cries fail in comparison to his brother’s. He has such a soft, grunty cry…and it is really rather pathetic. Roarks will seriously wake the dead and therefore it can NEVER be ignored. Not for a second. Seriously – listen closely wherever you may be and you just might hear it…