B.O.B Duallie

I know that you are just dying to hear what happened with Roark and his ever-loving non-stop crying. Right? Well – he is getting better…quieter, that is. Prevacid – NOT the answer. Nutramigen – THE answer! The poor boy was apparently allergic to milk. He has now been on the liquid gold for quite a few days and every day gets a little better…he eats a little more, cries a little less, and allows me to regain a bit of sanity. Good boy.

In other news, the boys are now able to use our super-cool B.O.B Duallie Jogger. I LOVE this jogger. Over a year ago we saw this at REI and fell in love with it…long before we were pregnant. We finally own it – after a second mortgage on the house, and it is oh so wonderful I am now motivated to go jogging…and GOD KNOWS I NEED TO DO SOMETHING OTHER THAN SIT IN THIS CHAIR AND READ. Sitting does not equal exercise…a darn shame if you ask me.