He Cries

As I said yesterday, we have a cry-baby on our hands.

My husband and I took him to the doctor yesterday and we at least have a plan of action:

  • Roark is now on Prevacid (possible reflux issues causing the crying, although he does not spit up). We are to use this for one week. If no improvement,
  • Switch to Nutramagen formula and see a gastro-something-rather pediatric doctor for an upper GI-thingy.

Today Roark has been acting like a normal baby. We think that it is because we switched him to Nutramagen the other day. He was on it two days and now is better... however last night we switched him back to EnfaCare, and put him on the Prevacid. I sure do hope he doesn't start the screaming again - if so, I am putting him right back on that horribly expensive formula ($25.00 per 12.8 ounce can - compared to $12.00 for EnfaCare)...where he will remain until his 18th birthday!

Last night I went back to Walgreen's to pick up his prescription - which we had dropped off 2 1/2 hours earlier, and was assaulted with the pharmacist from HELL! They had not filled the order yet(oh, they were just too busy to fill it and to call to tell us, and in fact announced that insurance didn't cover Prevacid at all - so I would have to pay cash if I wanted it filled. Now couldn't they have told us that when we dropped it off and had to give them our insurance card (which they apparently didn't even enter any information from, because they wanted it AGAIN when I came back)? I wanted to KILL THEM...DIE! DIE! DIE! I pulled a typical me and bit the lady's head clean off, exposing the arteries. I then paid the $65.00 for the prescription and demanded they call the doctor and insurance company today and FIX THE FUCKING MESS THAT THEY HAD CREATED. I gave them until 6pm tonight. I am so mean.

So Roark has had two doses of the Prevacid, and my fingers are crossed that this works. I was told it could take 72 hours to show improvement, which right now feels like a lifetime...seriously. So much crying...

We did find out that Roark weighs 9 pounds 7 ounces and Cole weighed in at a hefty 10 pounds 13 ounces - porker (at least I think that was thier weights...shoot, my memory is going). I do know for sure that Cole is quite a bit fatter than Roark...and I blame the eating issues.

Raise your glasses and toast with me - "here is to NO MORE CRYING"