Poor Doggy

Our dogs were at their annual “well dog” checkup when we received a call from the vet. We were informed that our Lab had a bite wound under all of his enormous amounts of fir and that it would require surgery to open, drain, and fix it. Sounds a bit like what they did to my c-section, no? Our poor puppy came home with a tube sticking out of his side and about 5 stitches. Poor, poor puppy. Our weekend was full of hydrogen-peroxide-putting-on which required chasing the dog and cornering him. He spent most of his time hiding from us, and I really don’t blame him. They removed the tube today, and all he has now is a hole in his side surrounded by stitches. Apparently the wound will heal from the inside out and then he will be good to go. In the meantime, he is on pain medicine and antibiotics. MRSA-fighting antibiotics. Can you freaking believe it? MRSA can spread to pets…so they are treating him as if he has it in case he got it from me. Stupid MRSA.

Speaking of MRSA, I went BACK to the ear doctor this morning and there is no improvement in my ear. I have been referred to an infectious disease specialist which I will see later this week. My doctor said that he “felt the need to warn me that this could end in a hospital stay and potentially some time in the ICU” – which scared the daylights out of me. However, when the specialists office called back with my appointment time, they told my husband that they very seldom have to put anyone in the hospital…so I am hopeful that this will be no big deal and manageable from home. I have too much going on here – babies, teenagers, work – to deal with that.