The kind of shape I am in

I went running this afternoon…at least I would like to call it that. In all actuality I barely jogged. And I would like to add that it SUCKED ASS!

Things to remember next time I drag my fat ass out “jogging”:

Change that god damned music on the MP3 player. If I have to hear Kid Rock’s “Cowboy” one more time, I will kill myself.

Take water. Seriously. It is freaking HOT in Texas right now.

Don’t run with a fever. Once the chills stop, the sweats kick in and it is a bitch.

Running sick will lead to the dry heaves – expect it.

If you have to go running, why not choose a different time than late afternoon when they are frying eggs on the sidewalk?

Stop eating so much junk and your ass will quit expanding and you won’t have to go jogging at all.

Don’t jog alone – it is much more fun when there is someone to complain to.