Walls a Crumblin'

I have a friend who moved a while ago – far, far away. She didn’t want to go, but wanted to be with her husband and wanted to give her family a foundation, so she went. She lived in a place that is so far from anything she is used to – all in the name of family. After being there a year, they have come home for a vacation and she doesn’t want to go back. She wants to stay here with the safety of her family, the familiarity of her hometown, the conveniences that this life affords her.

We talked for a long time tonight about what it would take for her to go back there with him. I suggested she write it down – everything she needed to make it tolerable. And then take that to her husband and start a discussion about her not wanting to go back, but wanting to find a happy medium. She was scared, but ready to hash it out.

Apparently 5 minutes of discussion ended in her husband saying that he was going back with or without her and she could stay here with the kids. And then - he left the house. He didn’t want to discuss it.

That wasn’t quite what I would expect someone who cared and wanted to save a relationship to do – but he may over-react at first and then settle down later. I guess we will see. For now, it looks like she is staying in TEXAS. But that makes me sad a bit, because her family might be falling apart. Wow – nothing is simple these days, is it?